Three considerations in maximizing the power of coaching in organizations

As the industry of professional coaching matures organizations are beginning to appreciate the complexity and the importance of effectively managing executive coaching engagements. This article addresses three common challenges and suggestions for structuring and managing executive coaching engagements. Sourcing coaches: Companies are getting better at screening and sourcing the coaches

High performance organizations leverage coaching to enhance and develop teams.

High performance organizations leverage advantages in both financial and non-financial work performance. Much has been written about High Performance Organizations (HPOs). The high performance organization represents a conceptual and scientifically validated framework today’s leaders can utilize to strengthen their organizations. HPOs consistently perform better on both financial and non-financial business

Resiliency is NOT a dirty word!

If you are someone who follows important issues in healthcare, you probably know physician burnout is a major concern. There are a litany of concerns that physician burnout raises for individuals, teams, companies, families and communities. Physicians are significantly more likely than the general population to commit suicide. Those suffering

Physicians, leadership, and mental health.

Can we be better at helping physicians thrive? I think so. Physicians choose their profession for one main reason. They want to take care of patients. Many barriers prevent our doctors from focusing on caring for their patients. Are we committing malpractice by ignoring the needs of our valued physicians?

Physician, heal thy practice!

I work with doctors. Together we create their ideal practice. Not one physician has ever approached me saying, “I want to create a practice where I consistently run an hour or more behind schedule,” or “My ideal practice is one where my office manager quits every two to three years