An investment in your valued and talented physicians, leaders and teams to facilitate improved performance, increased capacity, personal and professional satisfaction

Terry has spent the majority of her career working in and around healthcare and corporations. From the very beginning, she has been fascinated by the psychology of top performance and resiliency, and how it can be harnessed by individuals and organizations to meet mission critical objectives.

Those early years were priceless for me in terms of understanding
 the inherent opportunities and challenges in healthcare and business.
In fact, during that time, I wrote my first workforce resiliency program
based on what I experienced and the needs of my colleagues.
Over the years, this evolved and matured into my current services.

– Terry Hoffmann
Your Healthcare & Leadership Performance Partner

She coaches her clients so that they are able to attain the results they desire. Her strengths-based focus re-energizes and builds on your existing capabilities,and taking those abilities to new heights. Leaders find coaching enjoyable and learn in a comfortable yet challenging exchange.Topics include, for instance:

  • Executive Leadership Skills for Physicians
  • Physician Well-Being Coaching
  • Physician Disruptive Behavior Prevention & Intervention
  • Executive Well-Being Coaching
  • Strengths-Based Leadership Development
  • Energizing and Engaging Teambuilding Events
  • Career Transition Coaching for Professionals
  • Creating A High-Performance Culture
  • Moving Through Conflict and Getting Back To Business
  • Succession Leadership & Training
  • Cultural Development & Diversity Training

Programs can be specially designed to meet your needs and business priorities.