Terry Hoffmann provides executive leadership programs for executive development of C-suite, including physician leaders in Jacksonville, FL

6548This program is designed to meet the needs of executive leadership (Chairperson, CEO, COO, EVP, SVP), including physician leaders. This is a structured competency-based individualized curriculum. Length of services provided varies and is tailored specifically to the executives needs. The program includes:

  • Use leadership development as your pathway to success
  • Increase your cognitive and behavioral flexibility and problem solving
  • Improve your executive presence with more confidence
  • Articulate your mission-critical objectives
  • Create an atmosphere of higher productivity and satisfaction
  • Recognize and manage stress
  • Give recognition and rewards to others to build a stronger team
  • Enhance organizational awareness
  • Develop navigational skills for organizational politics
  • Allow for a greater focus and clarity in all you do

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