Terry Hoffmann offers physicians and business professionals conflict resolution and leadership development

The driving force behind Hoffmann Coaching’s success is its simplicity. Physicians, leaders, and teams are empowered, energized, and activated through professional coaching which clarifies priorities and objectives, capitalizes on capabilities. uncovers blind spots that may undermine performance, and aligns individual and systemic strengths with business objectives.

Healthcare and business coach Terry Hoffmann has the professional coaching skills and resources you need to enhance team performance, increase capacity and achieve personal satisfaction. She partners with executive leadership to achieve desired results. A sampling of the results attained through coaching may include:

  • Increasing profitability/higher revenues
  • Re-energizing and engaging providers and staff towards your organizational mission
  • Streamlining processes to save time and money
  • Higher patient satisfaction and loyalty ratings
  • Developing a mindset for top performance
  • Focusing on a trusted, inspired and team-focused work culture
  • Embracing and facilitating change
  • Significantly reducing interpersonal conflict
  • Clarifying and creating accountability for roles and responsibilities
  • Creating a deeply rewarding workplace

Hoffmann Coaching is an industry leader providing the highest quality of coaching to bring out the best in top performers, move through conflict in a healthy manner, address and extinguish disruptive behavior, and provide strengths-based leadership programs to create a high-performance work cultures.Partner with Hoffmann Coaching today and prepare for the outcomes you desire and deserve.

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