Testimonials support Terry Hoffmann as first choice for physician and executive business coach to develop leadership skills

Many Hoffmann Coaching clients have given us their personal testimonials of which support how our leadership programs and services have been successful in their respective businesses. Here are a few for your review.

“One of the key factors in a successful primary care network is managing physician behaviors. Doctors are a special breed of people. We go to medical school because we want to take care of patients. In today’s healthcare situation, doctors feel tremendous pressures which can distract them from their core purpose. When I hire Terry Hoffmann to work with my key providers I can count on her being sensitive to their challenges. I can also count on her to help them crystallize their vision for their own practice, uncover their personal strengths that support their success, and minimize behaviors that undermine their success. It’s great to have her as a resource for providers we want to develop! Terry is also my own personal executive coach. She challenges me, encourages me, and helps me to think about things in different ways. Working with her has been priceless.”

William Carriere, MD, Owner, Family Care Partners

“My company offered me coaching services through Hoffmann Coaching because they said they valued my contribution to the organization but wanted me to improve key relationships. To tell you the truth, I was skeptical. I work extremely hard, and don’t have a lot of time to waste. I didn’t really know too much about coaching or completely see how it might help. I decided to give it a try. Within the first couple of conversations, I knew that Terry Hoffmann was the real deal. She doesn’t beat around the bush, but she manages to convey deep respect. Mostly we worked on navigating office politics, which however unpleasant are critical to any physician’s success. When I took the time to step back and reflect on my office dynamics, I found that I could be much less reactive and much more proactive and planned. Working in a medical practice can be stressful for everyone. I care passionately about my patients and the medical profession. In order to serve them best, I have to be able to guide and work with my staff. I have personally played a crucial role in shifting my office’s dynamics for the better. That feels great. Things are improving!

A.V., MD Primary Care Physician — large primary care practice

“Hoffmann Coaching is a key component to my business strategy. I have brought Terry in to develop my key personnel, physicians, and teams. She is a true partner. She listens to what is important to me, and my team, and helps us reach our goals. It costs a lot of money to replace a doctor, a key team member, or a patient who leaves the practice due to dissatisfaction. It is a revenue drain if your processes are not running optimally. It takes a lot of time, money, and wasted energy when people are locked into nonproductive conflict. I don’t worry, I just call Terry! The ROI is huge. Investing in coaching with Terry helps us stay ahead of the challenges rather than constantly putting out exhausting fires! It frees me up so that I can do my job. Oh yeah, Terry is my personal executive coach, too. I know firsthand that coaching works!

Jenny Edwards, MBA, Chief Administrative Officer

“When I was promoted to the position of Director of Research and Development for the Jacksonville Heart Center I was completely overwhelmed. I had so much to learn about how to be an effective leader. My confidence level was low. I didn’t know where to start. Thankfully, Jacksonville Heart Center thought enough of me to invest in my development by hiring a coach for me. Terry Hoffmann was that coach. She immediately put me at ease. She helped me understand and capitalize on my strengths, developing my own signature leadership style, and my confidence level soared! I’m happy to say, my research and development team exceeded all of our performance metrics that first year, and has continued to experience success since. Working with Terry has been worth every penny spent by my company and has paid off for my entire team beyond expectations through meeting and exceeding our performance goals.“

Jill DePauw, Director of Research and Development, Jacksonville Heart Center

“Hoffmann Coaching provided excellent challenges and feedback to various individuals of our management team that helped our growth on personal levels as well as assistance in handling delicate manager issues that allowed us to improve our work skills. We are pleased to have her for a sounding board.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Frieda Ansley, Jacksonville Heart Center August 26, 2009

“Terry’s PeopleMap consulting enabled our team to learn about each other and function more cohesively and effectively.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity September 9, 2009

Melanie Patz, Vice President of Community Impact, United Way of Northeast Florida

“Terry has been involved with First Coast Manufacturers Association’s Professional Progress program, providing assessments and training to participants. This accelerates the group’s understanding of each others’ strengths and personalities early in the program, enabling them to better work with one another. Training is always high-energy, relevant and engaging.”

Debbie Warren, Vice President of Administration
First Coast Manufacturers Association

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